An outdoor educator fuelled by conversation, curiosity, and too many cups of coffee

For work I am an outdoor & experiential educator. It’s a career that I love, though I’ve certainly worked some jobs that I’ve loathed. The day-to-day can be a bit of a mixed bag, but most days are an opportunity to connect people with nature — to have some fun and sneak in opportunities for learning. I primarily work with youth, though I sometimes get to work with adults or families too.

I am also deeply involved in the outdoor education community, currently serving as President for the Council of Outdoor Educators of Ontario (COEO). I have learned so much…

Reflecting on similarities between the generations

If you asked me which of my grandparents I am most like I definitely would not say my Grandpa B. We were never particularly close, and it feels like in so many ways he and I are such different people. And yet, now that he’s gone and I find myself reflecting more on his life, I’m realizing how similar we are in some truly fundamental ways.

I work as an outdoor and experiential educator. My whole career has been about connecting people with nature and hands-on learning. …

They’re way more than just buildings full of books

As Arthur so wisely sang, having fun isn’t hard when you’ve got a library card!

And, as a true lover of public libraries, I’m definitely extra lucky — I have three! One card for the library system in my hometown, one for the county where my family’s cottage is located, and one for the city I currently call home.

I love the library and it not only makes it easy to ensure I always have something to read, but that it allows me to discover new authors and sample different genres. …

Shows that go beyond the basics of budgeting and get more personal

I listen to a lot of podcasts. They aren’t all about money, but since I definitely have a strong interest in personal finance, I’ve sampled my fair share of financial podcasts. Most of them I stop listening to after a few episodes (at most), but these are three that I’ve listened to countless episodes of and still really enjoy.

1. Bad With Money

I’ve listened to this podcast since its first season, which was centered around the host (Gaby Dunn) learning the basics of personal finance and exploring her own relationship with money. If you know to the topic, it’s a chance to learn…


Thoughts on loving and losing my grandparents

As a kid I remember having classmates that didn’t have any living grandparents, but I couldn’t relate since I was lucky enough to still have all four of mine.

I lost my Grandma Kemp when I was eight, which was old enough for me to remember her a little bit but young enough that I never really had much of a chance to get to know her. I feel like I learned more about her after she was gone, especially through my grandpa.

Many years later, in the middle of teacher’s college, I lost my Grandma B. In many ways…

How not to say hello

I know Andrew Cuomo’s resignation is old news at this point, but I can’t stop thinking about the ways he said he greeted people. Honestly, I don’t live in New York (in fact, I don’t even live in the United States) and I haven’t been closely following the details of the allegations against him, but I have some feelings about these inappropriate (and just plain weird) types of touch he seems to think are standard ways to greet someone. Not sure what he said? …

How I created a positive relationship with social media

My relationship actually feels pretty good at this point in my life. A bit sporadic, but not non-existent. I have three social media platforms that I am still a semi-active user of: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

I use all three of them differently, and for different things, but I think I’ve found ways to make them add to my life without feeling like there are any big downsides. Here’s a breakdown of how each platform plays a role in my life:


This was the first social media platform I ever used, as I never had a MySpace or even any…

Natalie B. Kemp

Community enthusiast and outdoor educator, passionate about connecting with people of all ages and helping them to connect with nature.

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