Accentuating the Positive: April 2022

Five joyful experiences amongst the slumps

Natalie B. Kemp


Photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash

I was still in a bit of a slump when the month started, but despite a pretty brutal rejection right at the end of the month I do think this may have been my most joy-filled month of the year so far. Here’s five highlights:

1. Angela’s birthday

My good pal Angela celebrated her birthday this month with two outdoor excursions. First a small group of us met up for a really lovely and somewhat challenging morning hike, and then in the afternoon more folks met up for a nice walk by the lake. We ate doughnuts, had great conversations, and got some fresh air — truly a wonderful way to celebrate a wonderful person!

2. Fitz Egg Hunt

After two years of having to cancel due to Covid I was thrilled to be able to help organize my neighbourhood’s annual egg hunt. Not only was I helping with prep and behind-the-scenes tasks, but I got to channel my loud and enthusiastic outdoor educator energy as the facilitator for the main event.

3. Neighbourhood clean-up

An eight year old in my neighbourhood decided to organize a clean-up to celebrate Earth Day. To make it more engaging she got prizes donated by local businesses and made it into a photo contests, getting folks to share their hard work via Instagram. Not only did she inspire me to spend a beautiful Sunday cleaning up the neighbourhood, but since I run our Instagram page I also got to share stories and message with lots of neighbours about their efforts. And, as a cherry on top, I won a gift card to the local bakery!

4. Tree Trekkers treasure hunt

Several of the kids in this session of Tree Trekkers love pirates, so we’ve had this ongoing silly thing where we hide these two pirates in the garden each week for them to find during drop-off. Because of this I decided that for the last week of the session I would create a treasure hunt for them to complete, having them follow clues left behind by the pirates to find the stolen treasure and capture the thieving pirates. This week also happened to be the birthday of one of these kids, and since she wanted to do some things related to bunnies my…



Natalie B. Kemp

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