Accentuating the Positive: February 2022

Five highlights amidst all the chaos

Natalie B. Kemp
4 min readFeb 28, 2022


Photo by author of puzzle discussed in highlight #3

Last month I decided to take the time to reflect on some good things that had happened throughout January, which felt even more important to do this month given everything that’s been happening in Canada and throughout the world. Things can be really hard, but even still there are moments of joy worth appreciating. Here’s a few from this past month:

1. Forest school

This month I started working with a forest school program one afternoon a week, and it’s been so lovely! I have really enjoyed getting to more regularly lead outdoor programs again, which is a nice reminder that this is the right line of work for me. It’s also been neat to work in a more urban program, as it has sparked some ideas for what could be possible in my community. I love it so much that I still had fun during an absolute downpour, which really says a lot.

2. COEO Instagram Takeover

I’ve never been super active on my own Instagram, aside from the daily leaf polls I’ve started doing each Fall. And yet, I was kind of excited when I found out I would be featured on the COEO Instagram early in the month as part of a campaign to highlight the folks on our Board of Directors. The day after the post about me went up I got to do an account takeover, sharing about myself and answering questions about outdoor education. I don’t think I’m cut out for influencer life, but it was fun getting to spend a day in the spotlight.

3. Puzzling with my mom

My mom and I started a challenging 1000-piece puzzle when I was visiting my parents on January 31st. We didn’t get much more than the edges finished during that first visit, but we kept working on it each time I visited (plus my mom would do some on her own between my visits). We finally put in the last pieces on February 21st, though that’s really just because my mom saved me the last piece. It was fun to have this ongoing project to work on with my mom and I’m sure there are more puzzles in our future!

4. Neighbours Walk Together

One of my city councilors decided to organize a neighbourhood walk one Saturday in our downtown core…



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